Importance of Growing Your Network

The size of your network sounds like a buzz word, but it’s actually really important. We’ve established this before, but you’re only so good on your own. Growing your network means growing your opportunities and increasing your connections. Networking creates long-lasting relationships. It allows you to expand your interests, and grow in status and confidence. It’s integral as an entrepreneur to grow network with meaningful connections.

Easy Ways to Meet People

If you’re introverted, going out to meet others can be daunting. Even for extroverts, walking into a room of strangers can be intimidating at first. If big crowds are not your fancy, I recommend easing into bigger crowds. Once you get used to the idea of approaching strangers, attending bigger conferences and events will become less intimidating. Below are ways you can grow your network:

  • Search sites like Gary’s Guide, Meetup, and Eventbrite for networking focused events
  • Attend business conferences
  • Join social media pages
  • Call or message people and ask for a phone call or coffee meet up
  • Look through your friends mutual friends, ask them to introduce you

Word of Advice

Repeat this after me: meaningful connections, not empty connections. A network Connections work both ways. You’ll inevitably get busy, but don’t be that guy that only contacts someone when you need something from them. Sure, if that happens once or twice that’s forgivable, but once it becomes a personality trait, you’re headed down a bad road. Moral of the story: when you expand your network, make sure to keep in touch beyond needing favors. Most importantly, don’t forget your business cards! It might seem obvious but make it apart of your daily “phone, keys, wallet check” before you walk out the door. You don’t want to form a connection with someone and not have a card ready.

Have you implemented my advice in your startup? Leave a comment, I’d love to know how it worked out for you.

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